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Sarah DrasnerSarah DrasnerSenior UX Engineer and Designer

Sarah Drasner a Senior UX Engineer at Trulia. Formerly she was Senior Interaction Designer at Fauna, Inc., a company founded by former Lead Engineers from Twitter. She is also the former Head of Design and Front-End Development at Basho, creators of Riak. At Basho, she increased lead generation by 75% through design improvements and managed all branding and visual communication. Prior to Basho, Sarah worked for the Field Museum of Natural History as a Scientific Illustrator and Front-End Developer and on the Field Museum’s peer-reviewed publication, Fieldiana. Sarah has also worked for Stanford University’s department of Neurology and UCSF Medical School as a Front-End Developer and Medical Illustrator. She was project lead and UX Developer for various author websites through the firm Waxcreative in Oakland. She has taught Painting, Photography and Digital Media at Hellenic International Studies in the Arts in Greece as an arts professor, and has tutored a Byzantine Icon painter in Santorini. Sarah also taught a literacy program for the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.


Focusing on flexible design and development for increased lead-generation and particular to the audience of my client.


Recent Articles

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GSAP and SVG for Power Users Part 3: New 1.18.0 Features
published October 6, 2015
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published July 14, 2015
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published June 8, 2015
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published March 17, 2015


The Importance of Context-Shifting in UX Patterns
published September 10, 2015
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published August 3, 2015
Weighing SVG Animation Techniques (with Benchmarks)
published January 27, 2015


Rumination Station

Small Things I've Found While Working With SVG

Small Things I've Found While Working With SVG

Here are a few little things I've found from working with SVG for a little while. No showstoppers here, just hoping my t...

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Thought Morphology

Thought Morphology

My artist's statement is a process of critiquing my process. Here I delve into why.

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Using Font-Icons in Place of SVG for CSS3 Animations

Using Font-Icons in Place of SVG for CSS3 Animations

Get greater support for SVGs and pull them out of the iframe with this simple workaround.

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Balancing Time

Balancing Time

I work on many personal projects concurrently and it can become a delicate balancing act. Here are some ways that I mana...

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Speaking Engagements


Frontend Masters Workshop, Long Beach, CA, October 26-27 2015.
CSS Dev Conf, MJG Workshop Center, Savage, MN, October 23 2015.


CSS Summit online conference. July 7-9, 2015.

see SVG Sprites for Animation talk

CSS Conf in New York, NY. June 18-19, 2015.

see Complex Responsive Animations talk

Codepen Meetup in Palo Alto, CA. April 1, 2015.

see GSAP + SVG talk

Html5DevConf in San Francisco, CA. October, 2014.

see css, svg, and performant js animation talk

Html5DevConf in San Francisco, CA. October, 2013.

see css animation talk

DevCon5 in New York, NY. July, 2013.

-a child to Dr. Seuss

“Your imagination has a very long tail”

-a child to Dr. Seuss

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