In any observational drawing, the process of creating a piece involves holding a memory of the referenced object in one’s mind before translating it to the page. In this split second of thought, much occurs to alter the way that the subject is presented. Every individual brings their own biases and reflections to the way that they interpret information that is expressed in this manner. Human minds often process information through a series of generalizations that make up a whole.

These minor interpretations are the most intriguing element of drawing to me. It is the concept of a paradigm of an object that I find most interesting. In every culture, one can find a facet that deals with this kind of general thinking. Zen teachings explain that if one gets to know one cup very well, they will know all cups. Platonian logic in western thought dictates that there exists one perfect sphere that every mind accesses to create or communicate about anything spherical. Scientific thinking uses this concept in quantum physics.

When I created these pieces, I reinterpreted the objects from which I was drawing, thereby changing the appearance or the way that they exist through my translation.

These are all works on paper, roughly 24″x 36″, ballpoint pen (bic) on toned paper.

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