A Look Back on 2015

My New Years resolution last year was to publish an article in CSS-Tricks. I’m now proud to say I’m a staff writer for this incredible publication. This year has been full of high highs and some pretty strange lows. I’m very fortunate that I have gotten to work on a lot of projects that fuel my curiosity and creative development, both as a programmer and an artist. I enjoy challenging the commonly accepted notion that these disciplines are mutually exclusive.

Some of the highlights of the year have included speaking at amazing conferences like CSS Conf and CSS Dev Conf, (and won best of best of conference speech!). I got to publish in Smashing Magazine, the David Walsh Blog, CSS-Tricks, and was on podcasts like Shop Talk Show and SVG Immersion Podcast. I also got to meet and hang with some of my heroes and good humans, including but not limited to Val Head, Sara Soueidan, Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, and Rachel Nabors. I got to refactor a giant OOCSS codebase for my fulltime job, Trulia, built by my brilliant coworkers and Nicole Sullivan, using hologram.

The sudden loss of one of my best friends and boyfriend of 3 years, Cameron Hockenson, was hard to recover from. The concurrent relapse of my fiance’s cancer also left me in a bit of a tailspin, but I’m grateful that these events had a way of putting things in perspective. I’m very lucky. I’m looking out over a beautiful view of Cancún, México while writing this. The good and the bad work in tandem to support having a purposeful outlook and proceeding with joyful force.

I’m working on a more immersive timeline to showcase what I worked on in 2015, but here’s a more analog and easy-to-view timeline. This list doesn’t show all of the codepen projects from the year, but rather a smaller sampling of some of the highlights. For more of these projects, you can check out my profile, most of which was created this year.


Weighing SVG Animation Techniques (with Benchmarks)
January 27

Turn it Around
February 15

A Few Different Ways To Use SVG Sprites In Animation

Smashing Magazine
March 17

Hardware Accelerating Parallax Background Images with Skrollr
Codepen Blog
March 28

Form With Animation That Assists in UX
March 30

Codepen Meetup in Palo Alto, CA
April 1

SVG Immersion Podcast
April 16

Animation Portfolio
May 8

When You’re an Introvert
June 1

Practical Techniques on Designing Animation

Smashing Magazine
June 8

Design Stories 8: Analogue Passions Of Web Professionals
CSS Design Awards
June 10

Rethinking Information Presentation: Animated Responsive Infographics
Codepen Blog
June 13

Complex Responsive Animations
CSS Conf in New York, NY
June 18-19

GSAP and SVG for Power Users Part 1: Motion Along a Path
David Walsh Blog
June 29

Exchange Q+A- Questions from readers about SVG
Netmag (print)
Summer 2015

SVG Sprites for Animation
CSS Summit
July 7-9

GSAP and SVG for Power Users Part 2: Complex Responsive Animation
David Walsh Blog
July 14

Organized Codepen Meetup SF
with Chris Eppstein, Estelle Weyl, Dudley Storey, and Dennis Gaebel
July 16

Responsive Huggy Laser Panda Factory
July 20

Debugging CSS Keyframe Animations
August 3

Shop Talk Show
August 4

Context Shifting in UX
September 7

The Importance of Context-Shifting in UX Patterns
September 10

City Construction Site
Sept 15

GSAP and SVG for Power Users Part 3: New 1.18.0 Features
David Walsh Blog
October 6

Advanced SVG Animations Workshop
Frontend Masters (comes out on video in Feb, 2016)
October 23

Designing Complex SVG Animations
CSS Dev Conf in Long Beach, CA
Won Best of Best of Award
October 26-27

Where There’s Smoke
October 31

The Making of the CSS-Tricks Logo Easter Egg Animation

November 6

A Guide to 2016 Front End Conferences

December 3, continuously updated

SVG Immersion Panel – Roundtable
SVG Immersion Podcast
November 27

November 29

SMIL is Dead! Long Live SMIL! A Guide to Alternatives to SMIL Features
December 14

With 8 new talks, 2 new articles, and 2 fun personal projects on the horizon, not to mention the great projects I get to work on at my job at Trulia — 2016 has a lot cooking. I count my lucky stars every day to be fortunate enough to have these opportunities and to be part of such a great community.

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